Bungi Bungi Lite 20
6-9 years | 115 - 130 cm | 7.5 kg

by Bungi Bungi

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This is the big league now. The time has come to explore new distances with single speed or fast and durable 3-speed commuter. The single speed will keep it simple but 3-speed internal hub will help to get up the hill and keep up with parents on family commutes!    


   Suitable for ages:  6-9 years (115 - 130 cm)

   Adjustable saddle height from 59 to 67 cm (ground - saddle top)

   Recommended inseam length 48 to 56 cm

   Frame and fork made out of custom design lightweight Aluminium alloy

   Weight: 7,5 kg (Single Speed) and 8,25 kg (3-speed Nexus)

   Brake levers specially adjusted for a child’s reach

   CycleDrive belt drive system, Q-Factor: 144mm

   Maintenance free 

   Single speed or Nexus 3-speed internal hub

   Additional mudguards and a kickstand available for any riding conditions

Full pedal stroke cycle distance: 306 cm, Gain Ratio: 3.82

   Premium quality 

   2 year warranty 

   Available in Silver