Bungi Bungi Lite 16
3.5-6 years | 105-120 cm | 6.3 kg

by Bungi Bungi

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It’s time to kick it into high gear. This bicycle will put a smile on any kids face. The carefully sized bicycle will let any kid truly enjoy not just a short stroll in the park, but a longer ride with the whole family.


   Suitable for ages:  3.5 - 6 years (105 - 120 cm)

   Adjustable saddle height from 50 to 60 cm (ground - saddle top)

   Recommended inseam length 41.5 to 51.5 cm

   Frame and fork made out of custom design lightweight Aluminium alloy

   One of the lightest bicycles on the market weighing in on at 6.3 kg

   Brake levers specially adjusted for a child’s reach

   CycleDrive belt drive system, Q-Factor: 144mm

   Maintenance free 

   Single speed 

   Additional mudguards and a kickstand available for any riding conditions

Full pedal stroke cycle distance: 238 cm, Gain Ratio: 3.56

   Premium quality 

   2 year warranty 

   Available in Silver