Why a Belt Drive System?

Around 10 years ago the market was introduced with the first Belt Drive bikes. Though it took several years to hit the mainstream market – it’s popularity has been growing steadily in all market segments. The belt system reigns superior when it comes to long lasting durability with the lowest maintenance possible. With the help of many different gearing options, a belt driven bicycle doesn’t have to compromise anything by just choosing a better drivetrain. It does not require any special maintenance or greasing. Delivers a clean, rust free and smooth riding solution for anyone.


Why would children’s bicycles be any different? We’ve set out to give every kid the chance to see the joy of cycling just as much as we feel it. Whether it’s only learning to balance or already cycling to your friend’s house. The effortless journey puts a smile on anyone’s face when your trusted sidekick just keeps on going just as tireless as the joy to ride itself.


And that’s what every Bungi Bungi bicycle is set out to do. We can’t wait to get on our bikes again every time we take a break.


 All our bikes are equipped with Cycle Drive - Belt Drive system which makes our bike extremely lightweight, durable and maintenance free.

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