Abus Ionus 6800/85 Chain Lock

by Bungi Bungi

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This practical lock is perfect for your kids bike due to its low weight! Your theft risk will be lower if you secure your bike to a fixed object with this lock, such as a lamppost, traffic sign or fence. A chain sleeve is placed over the chain, so your bike won't get damaged. This sleeve is available in the colors black and red. Two keys are included with this lock, so you'll have one spare key. The chain can be wrapped around the bike, so you can easily take the lock with you.

- 6 mm thick square chain with textile sleeve,
to prevent damaging of the frame
- The chain, the lock housing and the internal
elements of the lock mechanism are made of
special hardened steel
- High quality cylinder with user-friendly key
for high protection again manipulation, e.g. picking
- ART2 approved

- Can be easily transported by wrapping the chain
around the frame or seatpost

Abus Ionus 6800/85 Chain lock
Sleeve material: Nylon
Chain material: Steel
Chain length: 85 cm 
Chain diameter: 6 mm
Color: Red or Balck