Bungi Bungi Lite 12
1.5-3.5 years | 80-100 cm | 2.9 kg

by Bungi Bungi

€119,00 €149,00

Pre-Order Note - New Bikes Arriving In September!

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We're happy to announce that our own lightweight Magnesium body balance bike is joining the fleet!

The raddest and baddest balance bike there is! Fluent and elegant in every way - it's designed to be comfortable for your kid, easy to carry and to last several childhoods.

The unique Magnesium alloy frame and forks allowed us to form a Bungi looking Balance Bike that is also very light and easy to carry!

Sealed bearing hubs for the best rolling experience.

Padded stem to protect your kid.

Fat tyres for suspension.


Techincal Specifications:

  • Suitable for ages 1.5-3.5 years (80-100 cm)
  • Adjustable saddle height from 29 to 39 cm (ground - saddle top)
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Recommended inseam length: 29 to 39 cm
  • Maintenance Free
  • Available in 4 Colors